Bugsie = DoneBerry

Intern - Marketing

Posted by julia on July, 14 2010 | 9 Comments

Now that Bugsie is called DoneBerry things are starting to get in shape. The work is getting harder but its fun to participate at all the steps of the process. Pretty soon DoneBerry will have a visual identity. The team is working together and it is nice to have everybody’s help. There is a lot going on here at the office and I love to be part of other projects too. I will be posting news of DoneBerry evolution soon!

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First Day


Posted by sylvia on July, 1 2010 | 14 Comments

Today is my first day here at Incubagency and I can honestly say that I couldn’t be more excited to be here and be part of a team as great as this one. I got to meet everyone and so far everyone has been really nice.

I’m expecting to learn the basic aesthetics of designing for web as well as wireframing and interface design. Getting to work with the other interns I know is going to give me the hands on experience that I need to improve myself as a designer and a team player.

I can’t wait to get started and get some ideas floating.

My first week!


Posted by julia on July, 1 2010 | 17 Comments

This is my first week at Digital Operative on the Incube agency. It is a privilege for me to be around of this great team. I just graduated from my MBA program and obtained my Marketing certificate from UCSD and I am so happy to share everything that I learned. The environment at DO is very casual and I feel comfortable giving my opinion anytime. On my first day, when I learned about the project that we would work on, I was scared, it was so technical, but after Chris explained Bugsie in “plain english”, I felt more secure and ready to start.

I am very happy for having this opportunity since I have always loved digital marketing. For me it is an honor to work at an online marketing agency. This experience is very important, an internship that is actually hands on, not only pretending to do something. I have great expectations here at DO, I think after this I will be able to understand the whole process of a product launch and will be ready to move forward in my career.

I want to thank BJ and Adam for this great opportunity and say that I will do my best to exceed their expectations and make Bugsie a success.

Bugsie is coming together!

Intern - Development, Photos, Summer 2010

Posted by Chris Riley on June, 25 2010 | 199 Comments

I have to apologize for the recent lack of blog activity, but no worries, my internship here at DO has been going quite well! I’ve had the opportunity to do everything I had hoped in the field of web development and a whole lot more, and I can imagine that there will be much more to come. Next week Incubagency will expand as two new interns join me here at Digital Operative in the areas of marketing and design. I’m definitely excited to see what the three of us can churn out over the next month, and definitely ready to put the skills I’ve gained so far to use.

My inital project (now dev named Bugsie) has provided me with a great foundation for developing websites, giving me the opportunity to work with many common languages and libraries used in the creation of fully-featured web applications. I’ve gotten to truly see what it takes to bring a project from a set of requirements to a functional website, and the wide array of knowledge and experience required to create something that does your initial expectations justice.

Bugsie’s original concept as a to-do item board has grown and changed throughout its development, and looking back, I can hardly believe that I was the one to put all the parts together. Bugsie now has support for administrating users, project permissions, managing email updates, comments, attachments and much more! I know I’m gloating, but I can’t help but try to sell my own product! :) Some of you may notice why I’m so happy to have a design intern starting soon.

The mobile app login screen

With the Bugsie website almost completed, I’ve gotten the chance to really get to work on something I had imagined I might only touch lightly on this summer: an Android application. BugsieMobile, as I’ve cleverly named it, is the next big step in my work for Incubagency. Even though the application is only in its infancy, I’m excited to see how the Bugsie enterprise will come together in the end.

Being introduced to so many new concepts over such a short period of time has most definitely kept me on my toes, but so far has been exactly the type of rewarding experience I had hoped for. No amount of schooling can compare to applicable knowledge, something I’m exposed to on a daily basis here at DO.

Incubagency: The Beginning

Intern - Development, Summer 2010

Posted by Chris Riley on May, 21 2010 | 273 Comments

In recent months, working as a web developer has become something of an aspiration of mine.  Maybe it’s an attraction to the ‘buzz’ or maybe it’s just how the internet itself keeps becoming more ubiquitous, but I can’t shake it. And I can’t think of a better place to be interning than with the team here at Digital Operative in search of that goal.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I started working here, granted the common notion of an intern as glorified office barista. Having actual work experience only in the IT support field, I guess I would have to say I expected to observe for the most part, with the occasional menial task thrown my way.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

My first week here at digital operative has been just about hands-on as you can get. So far I’ve been tasked with creating a system for bug tracking and project lifetime management and after a brief rundown on some of the approaches and methods the team here at DO has adopted, I have been given free reign on designing and building the entire project. Getting down to business and producing a project right off the bat has so far been great, even granted the learning curve in adopting new programming environments (in this case the Zend framework). All-in-all, I can definitely say that I’ve learned more applicable knowledge about web development in the past week than I did during the entirety of my last 3 months taking web programming classes at school. And I don’t see that letting up any time soon.

The team here at Digital Operative has laid out a jam-packed time line for their internship program this summer. Down the road there are plans for us to design, build, implement and manage digital marketing plans for both a non-profit organization and our own idea or project; possibly even moving in to actual client work. The idea of being part of a team that is incubating our own projects, seeing them grow and eventually come to life, has me looking forward to my next few months working here.

I’m excited to be a part of the team as Incubagency moves forward and I foresee having a great experience and learning many new things along the way. I know that I’m in for a lot of work over the next 10 weeks, but hopefully it will all result in something I’ll be happy to say I was part of.

Keep an eye out for my blog post next week as I tackle 37signals’ book Rework, my next step in integrating with the DOmachine.

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Open Call for Incubagency – Summer 2010

Intern - Design, Intern - Development, Intern - Marketing, Summer 2010

Posted by bj on May, 14 2010 | 314 Comments

It’s that time …

Summer 2010 is around the corner and we’re looking for 3 passionate people for the following roles:

Development Intern

So you think you have what it takes to engineer an online product? During your Incubagency program you’ll have those assumptions challenged, re-introduced and refined. From development frameworks to information architecture, you’ll gain a hands-on approach to web standards coding best practices, planning before you build, product development and more.

What types of skills are needed?

  • Passion
  • The utmost persistence for learning new concepts
  • Basic PHP programming
  • HTML and CSS
  • Coursework in Computer Science or relevant studies

ARE YOU READY? Submit your resume and cover letter here for this role.

Design Intern

Now that you’ve learned the basics in school from typography, branding, color theory and web; it’s time to put that all to work. Transitioning or continuing what you know about designing for web and mobile, you’ll gain a hands-on approach to user experience strategy, campaign creative, product development and more.

What types of skills are needed?

  • Passion
  • The utmost persistence for learning new concepts
  • Adobe Creative Suite – Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Basic understanding of web page layout (HTML/CSS is bonus)
  • Coursework in Web Design, Multimedia, Illustration, New Media or relevant studies

ARE YOU READY? Submit your resume and cover letter here for this role.

Marketing Intern

Social Media may be all the buzz, but understanding the implications of a multichannel approach is key for new marketers. Gone are the days of sitting in forums and learning from the masters. It’s up to you to take hold of your destiny and we’re here to show you the way. From digital marketing strategy to optimizing websites to business intelligence; we send you on your way a hybrid of talent ready for this new digital landscape.

What types of skills are needed?

  • Passion
  • The utmost persistence for learning new concepts
  • Microsoft Office Suite – Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Basic online marketing concepts – SEO, Paid Search, Social Media, Google Analytics, Email, Media Buying
  • Studying in the following areas: Communications, Marketing, Business
  • Willingness to learn and thrive in fast-paced environment

ARE YOU READY? Submit your resume and cover letter here for this role.

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3 interns, 1 idea, 12 weeks and 355 cups of coffee…

Summer 2010

Posted by admin on May, 13 2010 | 179 Comments

… the saga begins Summer 2010.

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