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- the next generation of digital masterminds at work


As the name states, it’s one part “incubator”, one part “agency” which means that each intern will be gaining experience in both product development as well as how to create buzz around that product. Each new class into incubagency includes a lead person in the following areas:  Design, Development and Marketing … This is your team for the summer. You develop a concept, pitch it to Senior staff members, develop it and finally bring it to market. At the end of your program, you’ll have gained invaluable experience, learned about cross-functional teams and actually have achieved building something, not just getting our coffee.

Oh yeah, here’s the kicker.

During your stay you’ll be devoting 50% of your time to your concept, while 25% of your time is devoted to helping a nonprofit and the remaining 25% goes to actual hands-on client work, where you’ll be shadowing a Senior staff member.

Before you apply, think about the type of people you want to be around, the environment, where you want to be after you graduate and most of all; what you want from an internship. incubagency is like no other internship program. Picture a group of smart minds in a casual environment that are passionate about innovation, integrity and helping their clients succeed. We take pride in what we do. We live, breath and sleep digital. If this sounds like you, then please tell us a little about yourself, why you’re a great fit for incubagency and what makes you different.

What You’ll Be Experiencing:

  • Executive Team – Interact with a seasoned team of experts, leaders and mentors in the digital landscape from strategy, design, technology to marketing.
  • Product – Assist the Product Team with competitive research, testing, Q/A and concepting.
  • Business Functions – Gain hands-on experience in an agile, growing agency environment.
  • Ideation – We’re big on collaboration and sometimes the best ideas are born from rapid brainstorming sessions completed with 4 X 8 feet whiteboards.
  • Sales/Marketing – Assist each team with research, analysis, brainstorming, ideation, promotional activities and more as it pertains to digital marketing.
  • Team Work – We’re big on teams at DO. You’ll discover that having a core skillset and understanding how what you do pertains to everyone else in your team.

Who We’re Looking For:

  • Studying in the following areas: Communications, Marketing, Business, Computer Science, Design (Web, Graphic, Interaction)
  • Willingness to learn and thrive in fast-paced environment
  • Digital fanatics, savvy business minds and creative technologists like us
  • Energetic, positive attitude, multi-tasker
  • Experience with blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other networking tools
  • Detail-oriented and well-organized
  • Capable of independently managing your own projects
  • Outstanding communicator (verbal and written)
  • Hard skills as they pertain to your role within the team – programming, Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite

What You’ll Earn:

  1. Compensation – Monthly Stipend OR Course Credits depending on experience of candidate
  2. Experience – Something that every company wants, but eludes new graduates. You’ll gain 12-weeks of hands-on knowledge from various people within DO.
  3. Mentorship – Learning from folks who have been there, done it and who constantly strive to be the best.
  4. Relationships – Working with a variety of personalities can be challenging and it’s a skill we value highly.
  5. Network – This is the start of future connections that could be your next job lead, reference or friend.


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